Employee Appraisal System

J2EE web application

Web Development | Individual | 10 weeks


This was my undergraduate project where I built an online appraisal system.


The client had trouble analysing employee performance and project tracking to be considered for appraisal.


An integrated product that consisted of project management, employee performance on each project and appraisal process built into it.


Language used

I used J2EE as the language to build this system. J2EE is a widely used language used to build enterprise web applications. Servlets were mainly the fundamental units of this project.


Oracle 10g Database was used as a backend database for this system.

Web Server

Apache Tomcat server was used to run this application.

The software development process I followed is:

  1. Requirement Analysis: The client defined the requirements before I was assigned the project.
  2. Designing the Product Architecture: The most ambiguous part of the process which consisted of defining which direction the product development has to go and what should be built.
  3. Developing: This is the process where my coding skills were put to test. However, building a product when its architecture has been clearly defined is very simple.
  4. Testing: Alpha testing has been conducted to see if the product satisfies what the users need in this product.

MVC pattern

The application was also based on MVC framework. Model-View Container framework is a pattern where the architecture of the product works in terms of a model which stores the data, view which displays the data to the user and the controller which updates the data displayed to the user.





This project lacked only one thing- designing with user in mind. User-centered design was something I learnt after this project and hence, began my journey into user-experience.