International House-Ann Arbor

Logo Style guide

Graphic Design- Branding | Individual | 2 weeks


The IHAA is an intentional living-learning community for students and visiting scholars from around the world. IHAA seeks to be a community of friendship and respect in which persons from many different countries, cultures, religions, political perspectives, and vocational interests may learn from one another through social interaction and educational programming.

Design Process

Design Thinking behind the logo

The International House welcomes people of all nationalities and hence, the logotype has abstract shapes of people in it. The negative space of  the logotype forms the shape of a house which emphasises the theme  of a house welcoming all people.

Color Palette

The color combination is modern and is used as a means of showing the bright, friendly and vibrant nature of the International house. The dual color makes it easily adaptable to any changes and is also very viable for greyscale without any distortion.


Logo design using Gestalt principles

The logo shows people in a formation that makes use of negative space. It follows the principles of proximity and similarity to create a consistent look.






Always start with a color palette in mind

Gestalt principles are very important in Logo design

Cross-medium compatibility is important for a logo