Shure Design Jam

SVoice: Instagram of Sound

This was a special Design competition. It had a prize of the brand new Shure smarphone-attached microphone. But what made it special was that it was my first Design Jam and my first-hand experience at  ideation and low fidelity prototyping.

The process

The competition had a rapid ideation process where we have to come up with many design ideas based on a prompt. Our prompt was Instagram of Sound. We worked up many possible design ideas for the prompt. We sketched out our ideas and decided as a consensus, which one fit the Shure brand.


received_547698512052098 received_547698505385432


We finally presented our idea of SVoice, an Instagram of sound based with Dubsmash-isque features where users can use the app:

  • To record themselves
  • Add new effects and sounds to the track a.k.a filters
  • Publish it to the world
  • Discover new sounds and add them to their tracks.